August 6, 2022

Home Page and about myself

Spread the knowledge !!!

A warm welcome to everyone !! I am Marievic !!! Everyone in this world is emotionally attached to the native place or the place where you were born and the place where you spent your childhood. I belong to the Philippines and was born in Northern Luzon. I went abroad for job and settled with my husband in India which is my second home.

When I think about my motherland, I become very emotional and miss my own native place. There are thousands of Filipinos and Filipinas who left their native land for employment and for brighter prospects however, sometimes they do miss their own native place. And to overcome this state of mind, I decided to write a blog about Philippines and make the world aware about the Philippines like how beautiful place is it, beaches, local people and their lifestyle and polite culture we have. It’s a small effort, I hope people will like it!!!

Spread the knowledge !!!

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