August 7, 2022

Radyo Karruba 91.1 MHz

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In this wild world, competition is everywhere and the level of stress is too much, but slight amount of entertainment or connecting with our own family can relieve that mental stress. Filipinos are popular for the loving bonds in between family and are also more popular for their hard working nature. They work very hard though out the day in farms, fishing, Call centers, hotels, on beaches and even who drive the Jeepneys.

Apart from that, there is a very huge crowd of Filipinos who work abroad almost in all countries and do all type of work in various countries for earning. And at some point of time they really miss their country, native towns, farms and their families. Facebook or Video calling and messenger really help these types of people who try to connect with their family, friends and classmates.

However, chatting on Facebook for entire day is not feasible for everyone. Then while working listening songs is the option available or singing karoke song is their favourite. But there is one FM radio channel “Radyo Karruba DWNI 91.1 MHz” which is really becoming popular for the programs that they are broadcasting in Burgos. Apart from that the way they are working for our Filipino community. Their office is located in Poblacion, Burgos, Ilocos Norte.  I came to know about this radio station recently and honestly became fan of radio jockey Laren Reyes and Melba Dugay. Whenever, I get time I start listening to Laren Reyes and really like the way she announces and talks on radio channel. Whenever, I listen to Laren I really start missing my place in Ilocos Norte, chicken adobo, my sister and family members.

Radyo Karruba 91.1 MHz starts at 4:00 am from morning till 10:00 pm at night. I will ask all Filipinos and Filipinas from Philippines and all who are in different part of the world to at least listen to their radio channel. You can just tune in 91.1 MHz if you are in Burgos. If you are in any other country like me then you can also connect them from internet just enter the “Radyo Karruba DWNI 91.1 MHz” in Google and you can connect to their channel on Facebook.

They broadcast various programs like many type of songs, Ilocano & Tagalog music, Church of God and educational programs. I recently heard that they did tree plantation also for the community. Orlino and Gerson both are the managers and their entire radio technician team is doing really exceptional job. It really makes me happy to connect with them when we are so far from our own Philippines. All guest whoever is reading my blogs, I sincerely request you to please check their radio channel which is really a very good entertainment.

Spread the knowledge !!!

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