May 21, 2022

Tourist Spots from Luzon

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The Philippines consists of about 7,641 islands and is very popular for beautiful beaches, lagoons and islands. It’s very difficult to figure it out which place and beach to visit due to the huge numbers. Actually the Philippines is developing nation and for this reason world is not aware about all the tourist places. The day people around the globe will be aware about these N-numbers of places in Philippines then it will become one of the top listed places for vacation and tourism.

The Philippines is divided into three major island; Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao and all these three regions has numerous beautiful places to visit. Apart from the beaches there are numerous waterfalls, mountains, jungles which are ideal for camping, villages & farms, historical cities, national parks and volcanoes. Additionally, Filipinos are very friendly and due to their friendly attitude tourist who visits the places really enjoy the company and cherish then beautiful memories. Anyone who is visiting Philippines from west or another part of world if they plan well then can manage to visit various tourist spots from all the three regions.

Tourist Spots from Luzon,

1) Pagudpud – From Manila, you can travel to the northern Luzon town of Pagupud either flying into Laoag City airport or taking over night bus ride of 12 hours. Pagudpud has beautiful beaches and it’s lined with palm trees and glittering water. Due to its remote location in Ilocos Norte, this place is very untouched and unspoiled. These white beaches are ideal for relaxing. Additionally, the surrounding area of Saud Beach has many caves, bays, cliffs, and waterfalls. Pagudpud attracts fewer visitors in comparison with other places however; it’s a very beautiful and peaceful place.

2) Vigan – Vigan is one of the oldest towns in the country and has a huge Spanish influence on this city. There are numerous important historical and cultural landmarks around town. Inside the city you will see very unique and old structure full of vibrant colors which reminds you about the places like Spain and Italy. You will see well maintained colonial-era buildings, cobblestone streets, horse-drawn carriages, beautiful mansions around the city. Also, there are huge numbers of restaurants and bars everywhere so you can try delicious local food and can also buy souvenir from the local craft shops. You can buy hand-rolled cigars in the Mestizo District.

3) Taal Volcano in Tagaytay City – Tagaytay city is almost three hours away from Manila and is the home of Taal Volcano. The volcano is one of the most active volcanoes in the country and has recorded almost 34 eruptions; all of which were concentrated, near the middle of Taal Lake. Still it’s a beautiful place. If you see carefully you can see that Taal Volcano sits in the middle of a lake. It’s a very popular place among tourist and miracle of Mother Nature.
4) Batad Rice Terraces – If you will visit Batad then this will be a completely opposite experience to Manila. Instead of crowded streets and buildings you will see green rice terraces set in a village. In morning if you will climb any hill then you will be able to see neatly designed rice terraces with green vegetation inside the valley. There are old-fashioned wooden houses around these terraces where the farmers and their families live. If you have a good guide you can approach these people and they will allow you to homestay for a night. Next morning you can visit nearest water falls too.

5) Waterfalls in Adams – In the northern province of Ilcos Norte there is a small, isolated village called Adams. This place is popular for the beautiful 18 waterfalls, nature hikes and hanging bridges to cross on your journey. Total population of the village might be 1100 people and majority of the crowd are farmers and fishermen but the local crowd is very warm and welcoming and also provide homestay opportunities. If you stay inside the village then you will be able to enjoy tropical wine, and dining on fresh tilapia fish. This village is more popular for the beautiful waterfall and greenery.

6) Hanging Coffins in Sagada – Sagada town is popular for the strange tradition where instead of burying coffins they attach them to the sides of cliffs where they remain for forever. While looking at these coffins some people get eerie vampire feel but it’s part of the local traditions. Apart from this odd attraction tourist enjoy trekking in the forest, hiking to waterfalls, exploring caves, and enjoying this mountainous village. Sagada is surely an outdoor enthusiast’s heaven.
7) Corregidor Island – From Manila you can hire a guide or take a guided tour to historical island of Corregidor. Believe me this little island during WWII (World War 2) was a battleground between the Americans, Japanese, and Filipino troops. In those days this island served as a fortress and still you can see some of the remains and old weapons kept for the tourist. You can visit the light house, military barracks, and also listen to stories from your guide. USA had strong influence on Philippines in the WWII era.

8) Burias Island – Burias Island is popular for white sand beaches and crystal clear water. One thing is very clear and applicable for the maximum number of beaches in Philippines that the water is clean and local crowd is very warm and welcoming. Burias Island has many guesthouses, restaurants, and a souvenir shops around the beaches where you can relax for an evening or can enjoy a stay inside the guesthouse for two or three days. You can hire a local boat which can take you to nearest deserted islands with some stunning beaches and strange rock formations. To visit this place you need to reach to the town of Pasacao and take a two hours boat to Burias Island.

9) Kayangan Lake – The province of Palawan is a set of 1780 exotic tropical islands in the Philippines, is located in Luzon region. Palawan is more popular for its unspoiled beaches and lagoons, and it also has picture-perfect lakes that will make you crazy. One of the most famous lakes is Kayangan Lake in Coron. It is Surrounded by limestone cliffs with full of greenery. Kayangan is the clear and cleanest lake in the Philippines and one of the cleanest in Asia. Water inside the lake is so clear that you can see through and the formations underneath the surface. Out of 8 lakes in Coron this one is open to the public. This lake has 70% of freshwater and 30% of saltwater which makes ideal for swimming. It’s very beautiful place.

10) Puerto Princesa Underground River – Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park is one of the beautiful treasures of Palawan. It’s an underground river that outflows directly to the sea, roving almost five to six miles through a subterranean cave system. Inside the Underground River, you will see karsts which are basically natural rock formations created by dissolving limestone appearing in every direction. You will be taken inside the caves via small boat where you can see these karsts with the help of headlamps and electric torches that are attached inside the boat. To reach this place you need to book a flight to Puerto Princesa City Palawan from Manila. Later on you can book a tour to visit this Underground River.

11) Kaparkan Waterfall – Frankly speaking there is a huge list of waterfalls in Luzon however, Kaparkan Waterfall (Mulawin Waterfalls) is on top of the list. It is a high-stepped waterfall, filled with numerous of small basins or you can simply say multi-tiered waterfall. Believe me this place is very beautiful you can just Google the images and then you will come to know how mesmerizing is this place. Best time to visit is from August and September during the rainy season. Definitely it’s a place which needs to be visited by tourist. 

12) Manila – Manila, is the capital of the Philippines and is located on the eastern shore of Manila Bay. It’s densely populated and it’s better to visit from May to November when there are no rains and typhoons. There are several well unknown churches, monuments and public parks that you can visit if you are in Manila. Manila is also popular restaurants and fresh seafood. Rizal Park is quite popular sometimes also referred as Luneta Park is Monument of heroes, Dr. Jose Rizal. This park is popular for the local flora and fauna, lake and Narra tree, the national tree of the Philippines. Apart from park you can definitely visit Quiapo Church which is one of the oldest and most admired Catholic Churches in Manila. Fridays are the busiest days. There is one more church San Agustin Church and Museum you can visit and it’s really beautiful. This church is also on the list of UNESCO World Heritage site. Then comes; Intramuros which is one of oldest section of the city and characterized by its walled fortress. In Spanish Colonial times wall of stone was built around the city almost three-mile-long. When you visit Intramuros you will get a feel of that era. The Manila Ocean Park is also one of the most interesting places for families visiting the city. You can see marine life with the Sharks. Additionally, if you want to buys souvenirs and want to do bargaining when you must visit Divisoria Market where you can buy lot of local items like fruit and spices to very good looking flip-flops and beads.


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