May 21, 2022

Tourist Spots from Mindanao:

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Tourist Spots from Mindanao: After Luzon, Mindanao is the second-largest island in the Philippines and considered the breadbasket of the Philippines. Davao is part of Mindanao and it is beautiful however; some regions in Mindanao are not preferred by tourist due to the local political conflicts. Davao is popular for waterfall and beaches. Let’s explore them.

1) Mount Hamiguitan Range Wildlife Sanctuary – Mount Hamiguitan Range Wildlife Sanctuary in Davao is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is liked by tourists. It symbolizes a complete and highly diverse ecosystem. There are various endangered and common flora and fauna species in this Sanctuary and the actual home of iconic Philippine eagle and Philippine cockatoo. This ecosystem is a house of almost 105 animal species. In this ecosystem thick moss covers tree trunks and roots; and provides environment for the Philippine pygmy fruit bat and the threatened Pointed-snouted tree frog. It’s a perfect place for Botany experts to visit and to capture in lens.

2) Coconut Mountain View – it’s a perfect place to capture in the frame and it’s in Siargao. This island is full of coconut trees as far as you can see. You can also visit that beautiful road where you will be surrounded by thousands of coconut trees lined up on the both sides of the road and it makes a perfect spot to capture in camera. You will see many images online taken from this place with the help of drone and they are really worth. Very nice place to have a memorable picture with your loved ones and family. Also make sure to buy a bamboo straw from place as a souvenir.

3) Daku Island – it’s a beautiful island which is located near Surigao City and you will be reaching this place via boat. Siargao is quickly becoming one of the top beach destinations in the Philippine archipelago, and there is no surprise why tourists all around the world are flying to see the island’s ethereal beauty. This island is popular for powdery white sands and turquoise waves which makes a perfect place. You can reach this island via an island-hopping tour with its adjacent islands Naked and Guyam islands. Daku is also compared to Boracay, which is an ideal beach and important thing less crowded.

4) Cloud 9 in Siargao – It’s a perfect place to relax and just appreciate the breeze and the blue waves. This place is very popular because it is one of the top 10 surf sites in the world. Now day’s people from west and throughout the world fly here to surf and to relax on shores. If you are not in surfing go for the boardwalk and watch the surfers. There is a three-story wooden shack which allows you to pick the best spot to see the huge waves and beautiful sun set. It is one of beautiful spots in Siargao. Cloud 9, it’s approximately a one hour drive from Siargao Airport.

5) Magpupungko Rock Pools – Magpupungko is a natural rock pool created next to the sea shore and best time is to visit is on low tide. They are only accessible on low tide when they are uncovered. Incase if you reach at Magpupungko Siargao on a high tide you will not be able to see or even permitted access to the natural pools for safety reasons. Crowd enjoy cliff jumping, swimming through small caves, and exploring the surrounding rocky coastline. There are several local restaurants on Magpupungko Beach where you can also enjoy your meal.

6) Hinatuan Enchanted River – It’s a short stretch of a river that pops up out the ground which is hidden in the jungle. Clear and blue water surrounded by trees in the jungle makes it very beautiful and attracts visitors from around the world. It’s saltwater river that flows into the Pacific Ocean. The water of the river flows from the underground cave system which is free from dirt or mud and the reflection of the sky in it makes it mesmerizing. Some Folk tales say that fairies added some fascinating colors of sapphire to the river and another story says that the river is home of a mysterious fish which is impossible to catch. Don’t know the truth however, definitely a beautiful place to visit. From the Butuan City Airport, you can grab a van that goes to the town of Hinatuan.

7) Sugba Lagoon – Sugba Lagoon is one more place to visit in Siargao. It’s a popular diving spot because of its great scenic beauty and turquoise waters surrounded mountains. If you don’t like diving then you can also enjoy paddle boarding, bamboo raft or just taking pictures. There is a floating restaurant in the middle of the lagoon where you can keep your belongings and go swimming. They charge you very less and will keep an eye on your bags so there is no need to worry about your belongings. There are a number of water activities to try like kayaking however; honestly speaking this place is very beautiful open sky and blue water surrounded by green trees. You can also check the images taken with the help of drone so you will come to know about this place. From General Luna, Siargao to Sugba Lagoon is about an hour and a half boat ride; and from Del Carmen to Sugba Lagoon, it’s an hour boat ride.

8) Camiguin – Camiguin was not popular before couple of years however, now it is among the best-visited spots in the Philippines. There is N-number of tourist spots on this island and you will see these locations in many Instagram images or in the background whoever visited it. Camiguin is an island in the Bohol Sea, about 10 kilometres off the northern coast of Mindanao. Camiguin is home to seven volcanoes and reshaped this unique landscape. This small island holds numerous beautiful waterfalls, pristine beaches to magnificent underwater world and it is a very big surprise for adventurous travelers. Due to all these reasons Camiguin is among the preferred tourist spots for travelers in Northern Mindanao. You can book a flight from Manila to Cagayan de Oro City. From Cagayan de Oro City to Camiguin is around two hours travel including the land and sea.

9) Tinago Falls – Tinago Falls is situated on the Agus River, located in between the town of Linamon and Iligan City and it’s a main tourist attraction of Iligan city in Mindanao. In Tagalog language (local languages) Tinago means “hidden”. It’s a very beautiful tourist spot and quite popular.  This fall is hidden in a deep canyon and surrounded by massive rocks covered by thick trees and natural greenery. The water is clean and refreshing. Next to the waterfall there is a small lake to swim. You can also take a ride in bamboo boat into the waterfalls or climb the rocks to dive in waterfalls to the lake. Next to the lake there are small shops which sell beer, beverages and snacks. Also, make note that, Tinago waterfall is under the care of the Philippine Tourism Authority and there is a fee of 50₱ (around $1). Don’t’ forget to carry your drinking water because you have to climb almost 400 to 450 stairs. Once you reach the spot then you will not regret your decision.



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